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Dermatitis Testimonials


"Hi Biolanyn,
My daughter has had dermatitis on her feet for a long time. It was so bad that it (dermatitis) had turned her toe nails in and scarred her feet. I ordered Biolanyn, hoping that it would work (we have tried so many things).

Biolanyn is wonderful. Her feet are so smooth and soft now! Even though she still gets break outs, she continues to use the Biolanyn as instructed, and she feels so much better. I also started using it on my face. What a difference!

We are sharing a small bottle, and are almost out. So I've just placed a new order for your buy 3, get 1 FREE special. Here we are, sitting on pins and needles, waiting for our new order to arrive!

I told my Aunt about Biolanyn skin cream because my uncle has bad shingles which most doctors do not know how to treat. She will be ordering some to try out.

Thank you again for your wonderful product!"


Dear Attogram Corp.,


I want to say that it is real refreshing to see a company that not only puts out a quality product, but offers excellent service and support as well.


I learned of your company several weeks ago while looking on the Internet for a skin cream I could use around my eyes.  I have had a condition for quite some time where my eyelids would get red and oftentimes scale like dermatitis.  Usually when that would happen I would put some OTC hydrocortisone cream and that would clear it up.  I don't really like using that but I found nothing else that would work.


Recently I got a very bad case.  In fact, my eyes were very inflamed, and I really wasn't comfortable going out in public without sunglasses.  What's worse, my job requires that I work with customers face-to-face and it was getting to the point I had to put off seeing people.  I went to several doctors and tried different creams, including the hydrocortisone, but this time it wasn't getting better.


I ended up at an ophthalmologist’s office through a referral from another doctor, and he said that it was a bad case, but he had seen worse.  He prescribed some steroid cream and some antibiotic eye drops.  I had ordered your Biolanyn on Monday of that week, but had not yet received it, so I started with the drops and cream that the doctor recommended. After 6 applications I quit both of them because there were some apparent side effects.  I called the doctor on Monday and he insisted that I continue with the regimen.  In the meantime the

Biolanyn came in and I started on it Monday afternoon.


The steroid cream the doctor recommended did start to clear up the skin, but I didn't like the side effects, especially if there was an alternative.  So I kept using the drops, but used the Biolanyn 2-3 times a day.  By Wednesday of that week there was virtually no sign of the problem.  Not only did the redness and puffiness go away, but it appeared like my skin had tightened up under my eyes as well.  This was very welcome news, as this problem made me look much older than I was.


I was impressed with several things about your company. First, I received the product in less than a week, and I thought that was pretty good from Canada. Second, I got several follow-up emails when I requested some additional information.  Third, you called me directly via telephone to clear up some questions I had in my emails. Next, you recommended using less cream, and that seemed both odd and unexpected from a company selling a consumable.  Last, the product works!  I feel like I can use the Biolanyn now instead of the OTC hydrocortisone cream if I have future outbreaks.


There are many claims being made by all kinds of companies for all types of products, but when you find one yourself, you tend to remember it."


Thanks again,