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Miscellaneous Skin Disorders





"Hi ! Just a few lines to say that your cream is brilliant. I used it on a skin infection a few weeks ago, and the sores cleared up in a couple of days. I also tend to get a rash on my neck when I wear a shirt and tie for too long, so I apply some cream and next day the rash has gone. I even applied it to a few 'bumps and bruises' that my one and a half year old son got from falling, and these wounds have mended fast. As I stated when I was purchasing, I prefer to use natural, rather than 'chemical products'."



"I was being treated for a bacterial skin infection called "Cellulitis" for almost six months with antibiotics, prescription analgesics, corticosteroids, etc., without much success. I decided to discontinue these programs, and look for some relief elsewhere. Using my home computer, I asked the Google search engine to find "The best non-prescription medication available for treating itching and inflammation of the skin". Your web page appeared among the 50 or so listed in the response that I received. I selected your product [Biolanyn] because of your guarantee "Biolanyn will improve the health and appearance of your diseased or damaged skin, regardless of the cause in only 21 days from the time you start using it, or Attogram Corp. will refund your full product price".

The Biolanyn cream has exceeded my expectations. On the 18th day of applying the cream (3 times a day) my skin condition has improved at least 50%. All I can say is that "It Works ... A Great Product!""



"Dear Biolanyn,
I have been trying to treat my acne now for about three years. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me many prescriptions. None worked. And I also forgot to tell you that my skin was ALWAYS dry and the medication the doctor gave me was for drying out my pimples. So I was trying to keep away pimples and trying to relieve my dry, cracking, peeling skin. But nothing was working. I finally found Biolanyn and you wouldn't believe the change. My face is never dry or peeling and my acne has even cleared up a lot! And it even made my old acne scars disappear! The bad news though is that I left my Biolanyn at my sister's house 3 hours away. The good news is that she is using it on her face. Hers is worse than mine was, but it won't be for long! And I am also glad that it only takes 3 days to get here! Going back to my old moisturizer just isn't the same! Thanks again!"




“Since moving to northern Minnesota 11 years ago, I developed a non-itchy rash all over my face, neck and upper arms. I believe it to be an outer infection of yeast which intestinally I have fought for years because the rash appears after my eating of sugary foods and/or certain carbs, and sometimes just being in my office during the day. Air testing of my office has produced no useful results for me. Diet I can do something about and is not something I can't fool around with or I will pay a big price.  For the intestinal yeast problem, I have combined Attogram products with diet for excellent results. Recently, I developed the rash again and more. I then started using Biolanyn after a break of about a year. The results are worth writing about. First there was a reaction to the cream which was interesting: a slightly raw feeling, then some dryness and puffiness, then gone.  Furthermore, I have occasionally developed some "bumps" that seem to mimic pimples, but which I now suspect are related to yeast, too.  And on several occasions I have developed a "fleshy bump" on my eyelid, including the present, which is especially why I went back to Biolanyn. The rash is now 90% gone after a week of treatment as is the "eyelid bump” (I have successfully used the cream at least 3 times for this, with 100% clear up), and most interesting to me, those "acne pimples" are gone. In my prior years of using Biolanyn I had not spread it to those areas. Now I am assuming that my face is vulnerable to a host of related problems and I am using the cream all over my face as well as other areas. I am not a doctor but believe, in my case, that these are yeast, mold, fungus-related, even though I have no problems with nails.  In my view, this is an intestinal problem that has made its way to other parts of the body. But it can be persistent once a home in the skin or wherever is built on a firm foundation (sadly). I am so thankful for this cream and to this company which produces the trio of psyllium, bentonite magma and caprylic oil, which I use regularly.”





“I had shingles in 2011, I found this cream to be EXTREMELY helpful with the pain and then AFTER the dreadful pain came the horrendous itching, which this cream was very helpful.  I put more on then the recommended dosage because it was at the base of my back from middle to the right hip to a little bit on my stomach, not being able to wear clothing, I just wrapped sheets around myself and (thank goodness it was summer, living in PA, winter is no time to just have sheets wrapped around) knew some would rub off, so I used more.  I was VERY thankful for this cream, nothing else worked on shingles.”