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I had shingles in 2011, I found this cream to be EXTREMELY helpful with the pain and then AFTER the dreadful pain came the horrendous itching, which this cream was very helpful.  I put more on then the recommended dosage because it was at the base of my back from middle to the right hip to a little bit on my stomach, not being able to wear clothing, I just wrapped sheets around myself and (thank goodness it was summer, living in PA, winter is no time to just have sheets wrapped around) knew some would rub off, so I used more.  I was VERY thankful for this cream, nothing else worked on shingles.’’


Kindest regards, Sandy



My sister Joyce had such wonderful results using your Biolanyn skin cream. It relieved her pain from shingles within 2 to 3 days, after she had suffered for more than six weeks. During that time she could not sleep, nor could she sit because of the terrible pain. Within days of treating her shingleswith your Biolanyn, she had her first full night’s sleep in a long time. She says "she never had anything relieve her pain and itching so quickly!" Even the scabs are starting to disappear rapidly.”

Thank you and blessings … Helen


I've been suffering with a severe outbreak of shingles for over a year now.  They developed about eight months after I had my stroke.  My doctor told me there was nothing that could be done and that it could/will reoccur throughout the rest of my life.  I found your site and product through an Internet search. What a blessing!  I've been using the product for just a few days and already the itching and scabs are disappearing.  I will continue to use it, following the directions and am optimistic and hopeful for the first time since this started.”

Thank you!  Kathy

My father had been suffering from a skin condition called "Culebrilla or Culebron", on the Island of Puerto Rico.  For more than 6 months, he was told it was incurable, and that he might die from this condition.  He had spent hundreds of dollars trying to find relief, for the itching and the burning sensation.  His doctor kept prescribing topical ointments that only relieved the pain, but did not cure it.  My sister and I started to get concerned, so we did some research on the internet, to find out what it was called in English.  We figured if it has an English name, then most surely it will have a definition, and someone else will have the same or similar condition.  Well lo and behold, it has an English name, Shingles (Herpes Zoster), and you have the remedy. You also have testimonials from many others who have suffered similar discomfort from all sorts of skin diseases.  I want to let you know  that we ordered online for my father because it [Biolanyn] could not be found in Puerto Rico.  My sister placed the order, and he received it about 2 months ago. Within a few days, he started feeling relief, and he was amazed.  Within 2 weeks, he was totally cleared.  Now he is overjoyed, because he is totally cured.  He gives your company and your product the highest praise. He is now cured!!”  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Rose, Millie, and our father Rafael

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