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Skin Itch



"First of all I would like to say thank you for your excellent cream. I have tried every cream available including cortisone, which I hated using, and so I stopped. I've also tried a lot of natural creams which didn't really do much [for my skin rash] and often would leave my arms and hands stinging. I had severe skin rash on my hands and arms, and they were so itchy I was going mad. I have looked at every web site on skin rash and have spent so much money on different methods and creams that are meant to fix skin rash, then I came across your web site and I thought I might as well give it a try. My skin has changed so much. It almost looks normal again! I've just run out so I've ordered another 4 jars. I'm not itching as much. I'm very grateful for that. I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. It is nearly spring here, so I might be able to wear a T-shirt. Thank you so much! Please keep up the good work."



"Great ... it works!!

I have had eczema for over ten years and have been on the steroid cream Properderm for most of that time. Although this treatment is good, I'm sure prolonged use is not a good idea, especially when the eczema always comes back to make life uncomfortable again.

I have noticed that the Biolanyn cream has made the affected area smaller and cleaner to look at. With longer treatment, I feel it will disappear. Also, the itching has been dramatically reduced. For once, I think this product will 'actually work' to cure me of this great irritation.

If I ever get famous, you can use me to endorse this great product ... subject to a supply of the Biolanyn cream of course!!"

Ever thankfully yours ...

"I have been using Biolanyn for the last 8 months. I am applying the cream once a day, and sporadically twice. In doing so, I have been able to control my psoriasis which covers my body in various parts. I have noticed no side effects, the itchiness has stopped, and the skin has begun to smooth. Most of the redness has begun to disappear, despite the fact that the redness tends to increase at the time of application. I have tried a number of medications and creams. Without wanting to advertise your product, I find from experience that it [Biolanyn] offers me the relief that I found nowhere else. I hope eventually it will cure me."




“Not only is it a great cream, I also get a personal e-mail? You actually care about me???  Wow! I am shocked!  Thank you. You may use this as a testimonial.  Had it not been for ones I read on your website, I wouldn't have ordered your Biolanyn.  I need to repay you and those people who shared their experiences. I'm probably one of your mild cases and somewhat of a stranger ones, perhaps.  I'm 41 with fair to medium skin.  I have never had skin disorders or any other type of skin sensitivity to allergies, or otherwise.  But, about three months ago, I was outside our house talking to a contractor and I was bitten by a mosquito.  The bite itched and I scratched.  It itched some more, and I scratched some more.  Well, my forearm was so swollen and hot I knew it had gotten infected.  Wow!  There was nothing to relive the itching that I experienced often in the middle of the night.  A month passed and I made an appointment with the dermatologist.  He prescribed antibiotics -- oral and topical, to no avail.  I went back three times later and he told me that I was not improving because I continued to scratch.  I couldn't stop, even if I knew it was bleeding.  It was awful.  I went back for a third time and he prescribed an anti-itch cream, and told me that I was allergic to insect bites. I needed to be careful.  I was due to go back in two weeks, if the problem persisted.

Unhappy with the diagnosis, I looked in the Internet for "mosquito bites."  I found Biolanyn.  After reading the testimonials, I was able to buy it over the Internet and the shipping was very affordable. You didn't gouge people with that.  I waited by the mailbox daily for my 'guaranteed' product to arrive.  Nothing had helped thus far, and I certainly didn't think this would.  I couldn't wait to put your company to the test.

Boy!  Amazed and surprised is an understatement!  Biolanyn worked!  I am hooked.  I carry the little container with me everywhere.  In my purse, to work, to meetings, on weekends.  Then the unthinkable happened.  We had some contractors working at our house, and guess what vanished?  MY MIRACLE CREAM!  I searched vainly for it, not knowing it had disappeared forever.  In the meantime, I used another product.  Although it helped somewhat, it was not as effective as my Biolanyn in dealing with the itch.  Finally,  I went to place an order for more Biolanyn and noticed that you had a discounted price on 4 jars.  I wish I would have seen that on my initial order because I would have bought them to give to my mother and to keep an additional one as an extra.  I cannot wait to receive my four jars.  Although it didn't cure the internal source of the infection problem, it is very effective at relieving itch and giving my skin a chance to heal.  Now, I need to get to the bottom of the situation as to what to do to heal my body.  The itching is so bad that it wakes me up. Yet, as soon as I put Biolanyn on my forearms, the itching is almost gone within three to five minutes.  Amazing!  Have a wonderful weekend.”