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Skin Rash 


"Subject: My experience with Biolanyn ...

I experimented with more than a dozen over the counter medications for a skin rash on my arms and legs. No relief resulted from the use of any of those products.

I then consulted, and was treated by three prominent area Dermatologists. The visits to these doctors was both time consuming and expensive. They each experimented with their own 'favorite' prescription drugs ... all to no avail. One of the prescriptions was for two small tubes of medication costing in excess of $130.00 US. That didn't work either! The last Dermatologist I visited took a biopsy of an active area of the disease and later reported that the result was "inconclusive" although he "thought" I had some form of Eczema. He directed me to return to his office for a second biopsy. Instead, I went to the Internet and lucked up on your website. I say, "lucked up", because of the fact that I ordered just one jar of Biolanyn as your company recommends, and in less than two weeks my skin rash was completely arrested. As you may surmise, I used the product on both arms and both legs, not just on 'one localized area' as directed in your USAGE instructions. The results I obtained were truly amazing! So amazing, as a matter of fact, I ordered twelve more jars today. Why twelve? I intend to keep one jar for personal use, if needed, and will then introduce Biolanyn to some of my friends who may be traveling down "Derma Road" as I did.

Thanks A Million!"


"Red" Tillman

"I bought Biolanyn for my granddaughter who was completely covered in a horrible rash condition. My daughter smothered her in Biolanyn and the condition completely cleared up in a few weeks. Nothing the doctor gave her worked. My granddaughter's skin is now very beautiful and completely unscarred. Thank you so much for Biolanyn. I will certainly recommend this product to anyone with a bad skin condition, in fact I have already done so."

Yours sincerely,

Susan B.
Bristol, England


"Dear Biolanyn,
Thank you for having such a great product on the market! I just wanted to let you know that in less than 1 weeks time, Biolanyn has worked wonders on the hives (Chronic Urticaria) on my hands! I have followed the directions, and I am applying the cream 3x per day as directed. The skin rash on my chest is improving more slowly than my hands, but then again, the rash on my chest has been around longer, so it will take longer to heal.

I love the product so much, that just yesterday I order 4 more jars! I plan to give one to my father-in-law who suffers so badly from psoriasis, and another to my mother who has redness from radiation treatment that she received.

Thanks again for such a great product."



“Subject: My wonderful experience with Biolanyn cream ...


I break out in rashes on my face, neck and chest which are very itchy and burn.  I have been to 5 dermatologists and each one told me I had something different from the other.  Even my allergy doctor and my Endocrinologist disagree as to what is the cause of the rash.


I have used every steroid and antibiotic cream on the market.

I happened to find Biolanyn by looking on the internet about rashes.  I figured "Why not try it?"  After one week I started to see a difference.  It has been 21 days now and my rash is almost gone.  I still have a little itching, but not much. My face is almost clear.  I can't believe the difference!


Thank you Attogram for making Biolanyn,”









“Dear Attogram,

I have been dealing with severe skin rash on all of my fingers for approximately one year now.  I have been prescribed every topical corticosteroids creams available on the market and have not had any success.  In fact, the creams made my hands itch even more.

In the short period of time I've been using Biolanyn, I have not been bothered by itchy skin, which is helping in the healing process of my fingers. Biolanyn keeps my skin moisturized all day long.  The dryness, redness and cracking aren’t as visible anymore.  AND what a relief to be able to work and not be bothered by my skin!”


Lourdes H.



"Just wanted to let you know....
I have the "butterfly" redness on my face from Lupus...My skin was rough and scaly ;(
Used my biolanyn for several days and the redness is just about completely gone....
and, has stayed gone for about two months now.
Thank you for this awesome cream..."