Biolanyn® Skin Cream
Biolanyn® - a powerful, safe, natural skin treatment

 What is Biolanyn?

Biolanyn® is a powerful, safe, 100% natural skin treatment containing NO steroids, cortisone or artificial chemicals. 

Biolanyn Skin Cream "Standard" formula


Ingredients:  Lanolin, water, cartilage, 7 aromatic oils (cedarwood, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, palmarosa, rose, tea tree), castor oil, olive oil, colloidal silver, citric acid.




Featured benefits of our all-natural ingredients:


Lanolin - Purest, most hypoallegenic formula available


Water - purified by reverse osmosis


Cartilage (bovine) - our uniquely processed active ingredient sourced from Canadian beef


7 aromatic oils - all these 100% pure essential oils are known for their beneficial healing properties and impart a pleasant scent to the cream


Castor oil and Olive Oil - 100% pure and of the highest quality available


Colloidal Silver - True silver colloid (not ionic silver) with the highest particle surface area of any colloidal silver produced for maximum effectiveness.  Also acts as a preservative in our product to prevent growth of bacteria and pathogens


Citric Acid - buffering agent; widely distributed in plants and animal tissues

Also available...

Biolanyn Skin Cream "Special" formula


Ingredients:  Lanolin, water, cartilage, castor oil, olive oil, colloidal silver, citric acid.


PLEASE NOTEBiolanyn 'Special' formula is a powerful natural product made only for those who have tested sensitive to any of the oils in our "Standard"  Biolanyn or those who absolutely require a product without any kind of mild scent

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