Biolanyn® Skin Cream
Biolanyn® - a powerful, safe, natural skin treatment

21 Day "No Risk" Guarantee

Biolanyn® Skin Cream will improve* the health and appearance of your diseased or damaged skin, regardless of the cause, in only 21 days from the time you start using it, or Attogram Corp., the makers of Biolanyn, will refund your full product purchase (less the cost of shipping). We have been in business since 1978. The guarantee will be honored - worldwide!

*We fully guarantee our product, but ONLY if the customer faithfully follows all our easy usage instructions.



Refund Policy

Only one jar of your 'first time' purchase is eligible for a refund. This is the reason why we do not recommend any 'quantity' purchases on your first order!

Only first time buyers of Biolanyn® Skin Cream, who have faithfully followed our usage instructions are eligible for a refund.

Shipping costs are not refundable.

We allow the customer a very reasonable 4 months from the date of shipment to evaluate the effectiveness of our product. No refund request will be accepted after this time.

Only one 'Refund Request' per customer is permitted.


Do not return your 'used' Biolanyn to Attogram Corp. Our product is used to treat many types of chronic skin disease. Some of these conditions may pose a health hazard when staff examine the contents of a returned box containing 'used' product. For this reason, we will dispose of any returned package found to contain 'used' product, and deny all refund requests for such returns.


Our refund/guarantee policy does not apply to REFUSED, UNCLAIMED, NO SUCH ADDRESS, CANCELLED or 'NO LONGER NEEDED' shipments that are returned to us (with the Biolanyn jar(s) unopened and never used). All such returned shipments, without exception, will be subject to a 25% restocking charge. In addition, the shipping charges for said shipments will not be refunded.

Expect your refund to to be completed within 30 days of submission.  Depending upon your credit card billing cycle date, it may take one or two statements before the refund appears on your statement. 




To apply for a refund, please complete and submit the form below. 

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